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Best Man Wedding Speech – Some Rules to Follow

Best Man Wedding Speech – Some Rules to Follow

The best man wedding speech is an important part of the big day. And, as someone entrusted with all that responsibility, it’s understandable that you might be a little worried about what’s in front of you! Here are a few quick tips to help you along.

Giving the Toast

Remember that the best man wedding speech always ends with a toast – so first things first, everyone should have a drink – especially the bride and groom, and also yourself. When you give your toast, raise the glass with your right hand, and begin the toast.

Keep It Simple

The best rule of thumb for your speech is to keep things as simple as possible. You don’t want anything to drag on, and you don’t want to divert any attention away from the bride and groom. Three minutes is a good length for a speech, give or take.

Remember to Smile

When you’re actually giving the speech, speak loudly and clearly to make sure people listen up. But also remember to smile! This is a happy day. Connect with the audience through eye contact – and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

I know that the best man wedding speech can be a little scary, but if you rehearse it ahead of time and know what’s expected of you then this can help to calm your nerves. You can also take a look at some wedding speech examples if you really need some help thinking of what to say.

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Best Man Wedding Speeches: How to Improve Your Self Confidence

Best Man Wedding Speeches: How to Improve Your Self Confidence

Best man wedding speeches can be pretty demanding. I know how scared I was when I was best man, but there are ways for you to overcome your lack of confidence. Here are a few tips on what to do and what NOT to do.

Drink Alcohol

No doubt in the past you’ve drunk a bit of alcohol to help you feel less nervous. Unfortunately, when it comes to best man wedding speeches, this is NOT a good idea. You can have a couple, but make sure you aren’t slurring and that you know what you’re doing! This is an important job and you don’t want to let the bride and groom down.

Have the Right Attitude

When you approach your speech, remember that the day is ultimately about the joy of seeing the couple wed. This means that, although people will look forward to your speech, they won’t be looking to criticise you. Go in with the attitude that you are really looking forward to telling the couple how happy you are for them and it’ll help calm your nerves.

Be Prepared

You’ll have a lot more confidence in yourself and the speech if you’re well prepared. To help you practice, write out the full speech in advance and read it aloud in front of a mirror. You might not feel comfortable doing this at first, but you’ll get used to it and it’ll make it much easier to remember your speech on the big day.

Best man wedding speeches are important but they’re also fun! Just try to relax and enjoy yourself, though it may also help to take a look at some best man speech examples to help yourself feel more confident in what you’re saying.

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Best Mans Speech for the Brother of the Groom

Best Mans Speech for the Brother of the Groom

Preparing a best mans speech when you’re the brother of the groom might be a little different than if you were just best friends. This is a day where you can be really proud of your brother, but you must also remember that you’ve got a lot of work to do yourself!

Firstly, you need to have something planned. You don’t want to let your brother down with your best mans speech, so make sure you’ve got something planned and rehearsed before the big day arrives.

The best way to start your speech is with a formal congratulations – and they all of their planning has really paid off in a lovely day. Your brother will love to hear things like this, especially if sibling rivalry often gets in the way of you making compliments!

You can then get a little more personal in your speech, talking about when you were growing up, the kind of girls you thought you would end up with, or something like that. Something that sparks good memories for the groom and the guests is always a good thing to include in your speech. And what better person to recall these memories than the brother of the groom?!

When you’re ending the speech, say something about how you can only hope to find someone as special as your new sister in law when you eventually get married, and welcome her into the family. You can include a few jokes if you want – but make sure they stay clean!

The best mans speech doesn’t need to be any harder to write just because you’re the brother of groom! Just make sure whatever you say is sincere and will put a smile on his face. You can also check out some more wedding speech examples if you’re looking for extra inspiration.

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Funny Best Man Speech – How to Make Yours Unique

Funny Best Man Speech – How to Make Yours Unique

When it comes to creating a funny best man speech, you want it to be in good taste. This is a celebration of the bride and groom coming together, so it’s important to honour your friendship and the new life they’re about to start together. But if you really want to make yours a unique speech, here are a few ideas.

Use A Slideshow

Slideshows are becoming more and more popular as a way of toasting the couple. You could show pictures of the bride and groom both together and separately, getting photographs from the parents. This is a great choice as many of the guests will have fond memories seeing pictures of them both as children.


Another option is to make a toast using videos. You could meet up with close friends and family of the couple, and ask them questions about love. Videotape what they say and then play it back on the big day – this is a great way of avoiding having to give such a long speech!

Or Just Speak

Of course the traditional option is to just to speak – say something from the heart and express how you really wish the bride and groom a lifetime of happiness.

Whatever you choose to do, a funny best man speech can be a great way of toasting the bride and groom, especially if you make it unique to you and the way you like to do things. You can also get more ideas from a wedding speech example guide.

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Speeches for Weddings: Dos and Don’ts

Speeches for Weddings: Dos and Don’ts

Whether you’ve been asked to be the best man or maid of honor, coming up with speeches for weddings isn’t always easy. People will be looking at you while you think of something meaningful to say – but it isn’t as difficult as you might think, as long as you follow the dos and don’ts of wedding speeches.

Don’t Offend Anyone

It’s pretty obvious, but speeches for weddings should never offend any members of the audience. This means you should avoid brining up religion or politics. Even if what you said was meant well, there’s still the risk that someone will take it the wrong way.

In the same way, you should always be careful if you’re telling any personal jokes. Jokes are always a good element of a speech, but don’t aim them at any one person in particular. And don’t laugh at your own jokes! Let it be up to the audience to decide whether the joke was funny or not.

Try to Relax

While you’re waiting to deliver your speech this can be one of the most tense moments of the day. To help relax yourself, try to repeat the first line of your speech to yourself while you’re waiting for someone else to finish their speech. When you do finally get started, don’t start the speech off negatively by saying it’s the first time you’ve done a speech. Instead, start with a joke or a funny story.

Lastly, you want to make sure you won’t overlap your stories and anecdotes with the other speakers. If you hear they’ve used something you were going to say, you’d better scratch it off your list.

All in all, speeches for weddings can be a fantastic way to show how you feel about the bride and groom. The audience are always going to support you, so as long as you plan your speech carefully it should go well.

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Best Man Speeches – Our Nine Top Tips

Best Man Speeches – Our Nine Top Tips

Best man speeches pose a unique challenge for just about any man. One of the hardest parts is deciding whether you want to go for the jokes – or if you should just keep it safe, but serious. Here are our nine top tips on coming up with the best speech possible.

1) Be Prepared: Best man speeches should always be prepared in advance. Don’t leave it to the last minute – spend time thinking about the bride and groom, what they mean to you, and what you’d wish for their future.

2) Write it Down: Writing down your speech can make it a lot easier when it comes time to do it. You don’t need to bring the full written version with you to the wedding, but writing it in advance is a good way of getting it into your head.

3) Introduce Yourself: Before anything else, you need to introduce yourself to the guests and let them know what your relationship is with the bride and groom.

4) What to Say: The best speeches either tell a story, include some funny jokes, or begin with an inspiring quote.

5) Speak Clearly: Make sure everyone can hear you by speaking slowly and clearly.

6) Remember Who To Thank: Your speech should always begin by thanking the parents of the bride and groom. Depending on who is paying, you might also want to thank the bride and groom themselves for organizing the event and letting everyone share in the special occasion.

7) Keep It Short: Speeches are better when they don’t drag on, so try to limit it to 5 or 10 minutes in length.

8) Show Your Emotions: Not all men will be comfortable with this, but it’s ok to show your emotions – especially since two of your good friends are getting married.

9) How to End: You want to end the speech by congratulating the bride and groom, and giving them a message of hope for their future.

Best man speeches take a lot of care and planning, but the good news is that there are now websites than can give you those much needed examples. If you’re feeling a bit stuck, then I recommend you take a look at Wedding Speech 4 U by clicking here.

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How to Write A Best Man Speech: Prepare Yourself

How to Write A Best Man Speech: Prepare Yourself

Knowing how to write a best man speech is something that worries so many men before their friend’s big day. When you’re faced with the prospect of speaking to a large group of people, nerves can easily get the better of you. But if you know how to properly prepare yourself it really isn’t as bad as you might think. Here are our top tips for getting prepared.

Start Early

The best thing you can know about how to write a best man speech is to prepare yourself as far in advance as possible. Don’t just wait to the week before the wedding – start preparing as soon as you’re asked to be the best man.


Next, note down any and all thoughts that come into your head about your speech. Don’t reject any ideas at this stage, what’s important is that you have a lot of ideas to choose from. At this stage you can also think about how long your speech is going to be (in general, five to ten minutes should be enough).

Next you’ll need to go through all your notes and start deciding which ideas to use and which to get rid of. When you have, note down your ideas in the order you’ll want to read them out. Make some brief notes to remind yourself, then practice, practice, practice.


When it comes time to rehearse your speech, a mirror can really help to make you feel more confident about the delivery. Look at yourself when you’re speaking, and make sure you remember all of the notes you’d previously written down.

Knowing how to write a best man speech simply comes down to being prepared. You might still be a little nervous, but with all your preparation you can be confident that it’ll all go well.

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