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The Best Wedding Speech – How to Make Yours

The Best Wedding Speech – How to Make Yours

When you’re asked to speak at someone’s wedding the chances are you want to do it right and come up with the best wedding speech possible. Unfortunately, though, we’re not all great writers and speakers, and some of us need a little helping hand when it comes to planning what to say.

Keep the Speech Short

The fact is that the best wedding speech isn’t too long. Nobody wants to get bored through the speech. So, no matter how many interesting stories you have to tell, stick to just a couple and make sure your speech isn’t too long.

Keep Jokes Clean

Jokes are usually a part of a best man speech, but keep them clean. Also try to make sure they’re funny – be yourself and don’t try to be somebody you’re not. If you need a little guidance then check out some speech joke examples.

You Can Be Sentimental

If there was any day where sentimentality was allowed then it’s at your best friend’s wedding. There’s nothing wrong with showing the couple just how happy you are that they’ve got married.

Just keep all of these in mind and you’ll be well on the way to coming up with the best wedding speech. As long as you make sure you prepare and practice the speech well in advance, it’ll all be fine. If you need a bit more inspiration then I recommend you check out the Best Man Wedding Speech Guide.

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Free Best Man Speeches: Short And Sweet Ideas

Free Best Man Speeches: Short And Sweet Ideas

Free best man speeches can really help to get your creative juices flowing if you’re feeling a bit stuck. If you’re feeling particularly nervous about getting up there and speaking in front of a lot of people, then a short and sweet toast could be for you. Here are some free best man speeches of that nature.

1. Today we are here to celebrate all the good you have found in one another: a lover, a best friend, a playmate, a teacher, and a partner for life. Cheers!

2. If things get hard, just remember how happy you were on this day, and always see each other the way you see each other right now. Best wishes to x and x!

3. To love, laughter and a happy ever after!

4. If you can find humor in whatever happens in life, your lives will always be full of joy. Congratulations!

5. May your friendship and love grow every day you are together.

6. As you proceed through life, remember that being together makes everything worthwhile. Congratulations!

Use these free best man speeches either for a short and sweet toast or as an addition to the toast you’re already writing. If you want more examples then I recommend you take a look at the Best Man Wedding Speeches Guide.

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Wedding Speech Examples – Do They Really Help?

Wedding Speech Examples – Do They Really Help?

I would bet that a huge portion of best men scour the net searching for wedding speech examples. After all, we might have been best friends with the groom for a long time, but it still doesn’t mean we know what to say or are any good at writing speeches!

Here are a few tips to make you feel a bit more relaxed, especially when you combine them with wedding speech examples to get you going.

Do Some Research

A great way to start off your speech is with a famous quote, so get online or go to your local library to find some quotes that sum up the way you feel about the bride and groom. This is a great way to avoid having to find the words yourself, but it will still mean a lot to the guests and the couple.

What Do the Bride and Groom Like?

Maybe one of the couple really likes a particular poet – if so finding a poem written by that poet is a great idea. Using a line from a particular poem is a great way to add some value to your speech – and it really shows you were thinking about the couple when you wrote your speech.

Of course, if you’re really struggling then you can combine famous quotes with wedding speech examples or templates – for the best examples I recommend you check out the Best Man Speech Guide. This is full of so many examples for you to personalize that your speech will still sound genuine.

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Wedding Speech Ideas for A Great Best Man Toast

Wedding Speech Ideas for A Great Best Man Toast

The statistics show that a huge percentage of the population is afraid of speaking in public – which is why I’ve come up with a few wedding speech ideas to help you overcome those nerves.

There are many wedding speech ideas on the internet. These can be templates or even full speeches written for you. The beauty of using these is that they help you to feel more relaxed on the day, knowing you’ve got a good speech prepared. But you’ll also need a few extra personal additions to make it really special.

Talk About Your Memories

You can talk about a funny or touching memory you have of the couple, as nostalgia is always nice on a day like your wedding day.

Go for Short Rather Than Long Speeches

In general, keep your speech short and it’ll be better appreciated. You could even do as little as recite your memory, wish them good luck and finish.

Write a Poem

If you’ve got a way with words then a poem will suit the occasion perfectly – it’s a very emotional day so nobody will be shocked if you get a bit emotional when giving your speech.

Remember to Introduce Yourself

And lastly, always remember to introduce yourself and let the guests know how you know the best man.

These are just a few wedding speech ideas to make sure that you’re on the right track. If you need some more, then I recommend you check a few wedding speech examples and then customize them with your own personal stories.

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Using Free Wedding Speeches as A Guide for Your Own

Using Free Wedding Speeches as A Guide for Your Own

Free wedding speeches are something that many best men search for. After all, your speech is an important part of the wedding day, and sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to think of the best words to say.

When looking for free wedding speeches, remember you don’t need something that’s overly long. The ideal speech lasts for around two to four minutes. You don’t want it too long, as there will usually be other speeches on the day as well.

The best man’s speech is usually a funny speech – something for the guests to laugh at and remember. But you always have to keep it clean and, above all, make sure that your speech means something to the bride and groom. This doesn’t mean you have to be a fantastic writer at all – if you’re really nervous, download a speech and customize it to make sure it’s still personal.

Weddings can be stressful events, and by using a template you’ll be helping to free up the time you need to do all of your other best man duties – like preparing the stag night, or looking after the rings!

If you’re looking for a place to go to find your template then I recommend the Best Man Speech Guide – this is where I got my speech ideas from. As long as you remember to include a few personal stories or anecdotes then nobody will ever notice that you didn’t write the speech yourself completely from scratch.

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The Wedding Speech Order

The Wedding Speech Order

If you’re going to be best man at a wedding, then it helps if you understand the wedding speech order. The big day would be nothing without toast – which can be funny, moving and memorable. But it can also be nerve wracking! Use this as a guide so you can be absolutely sure about when your toast will be due.

Wedding Speech Order

Firstly, the wedding speeches in general come after the main course of the dinner is completed, and before the cutting of the cake. However, individuals may want to run their wedding in a different way!

Usually, the first to speak is the father of the bride. He will thank everyone for coming, toast his daughter and welcome the groom into the family. The father of the groom may sometimes speak after this.

Next up will be the groom, who again thanks everyone for coming and toasts to his bride. He will also usually thank anyone who has given him a helping hand in the run up to the big day.

The best man generally follows the groom. This is the speech that many people look forward to the most – it often contains humour, but it always stays clean! It’s usually the longest toast of the night and one that people will remember.

Sometimes the maid of honour may follow the best man, and the bride may even make a speech – though this doesn’t always happen.

So there you have it – the most traditional wedding speech order. Now you know when you’ll be expected to speak, it’s time to prepare the speech!

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Best Man Wedding Toasts: How to Get Through the Day Without Stress

Best Man Wedding Toasts: How to Get Through the Day Without Stress

Best man wedding toasts can leave you feeling stressed about what to write. Everyone worries, but as long as you know how to prepare then everything will go fine!

Help Yourself to Relax

Just about everyone is nervous about public speaking. One great way to start best man wedding toasts is to begin with a joke. This really helps to lighten the atmosphere, and when you hear people laughing this will give you a great boost in confidence.

Use Prompts

You can help to make your speech more interesting by using visible prompts. For example, you could have a few photos of the bride and groom on hand to show the guests. Not only does this help to add to the humour and make things more relaxed, it also helps to take the attention off you.

Talk About Your History With the Groom

One of the most common stories in a best man speech is to describe something from the groom’s past. This could be something from a long time ago that will really make people laugh, or it could even be a recent story of the stag night. As long as it doesn’t offend anyone, a story like this is always a good idea.


Remember, preparation really is the key. Practice reading it aloud to help give yourself more confidence for the big day. And, when the day comes, use a few sheets of paper to help remind you of what exactly you need to say.

Just remember not to make best man wedding toasts too long and you’ll do a great job. Everyone gets nervous, but if you’re really having a hard time thinking of what to say then I recommend you go to a good wedding speech example site.

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