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The Best Wedding Speech – How to Make Yours

The Best Wedding Speech – How to Make Yours

When you’re asked to speak at someone’s wedding the chances are you want to do it right and come up with the best wedding speech possible. Unfortunately, though, we’re not all great writers and speakers, and some of us need a little helping hand when it comes to planning what to say.

Keep the Speech Short

The fact is that the best wedding speech isn’t too long. Nobody wants to get bored through the speech. So, no matter how many interesting stories you have to tell, stick to just a couple and make sure your speech isn’t too long.

Keep Jokes Clean

Jokes are usually a part of a best man speech, but keep them clean. Also try to make sure they’re funny – be yourself and don’t try to be somebody you’re not. If you need a little guidance then check out some speech joke examples.

You Can Be Sentimental

If there was any day where sentimentality was allowed then it’s at your best friend’s wedding. There’s nothing wrong with showing the couple just how happy you are that they’ve got married.

Just keep all of these in mind and you’ll be well on the way to coming up with the best wedding speech. As long as you make sure you prepare and practice the speech well in advance, it’ll all be fine. If you need a bit more inspiration then I recommend you check out the Best Man Wedding Speech Guide.

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