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Funny Best Man Speeches Must Follow These 5 Top Tips

Funny Best Man Speeches Must Follow These 5 Top Tips

Funny best man speeches are the kind of speeches that everyone remembers from a wedding day – people look forward to them and love to laugh for a few minutes. But it can be tough coming up with the perfect speech, which is why I’ve put together five top tips on how to do it.

Before I get started I want to remind you – funny best man speeches are NOT supposed to be vulgar. You have to remember that relatives of all ages are going to be there, and you don’t want to offend anyone with your jokes.

Onto the tips:

1) Stand Up While You Speak

This almost goes without saying, but it’s important that you’re standing as you give the speech. Make sure that you have everyone’s attention before you start – when you stand up, people will start to quiet down.

2) Plan In Advance

Never try to just come up with a speech on the spot – it just won’t work. The best man’s speech is important, so try to start working on it at least a few weeks before the wedding.

3) Keep Practicing

It can be scary speaking in public, but the more you practice your speech the more confident you’ll feel. Plus you won’t need to look down at your notes as often.

4) Don’t Make It Too Long

The best speeches are short and sweet: they are emotional but they don’t ramble on. Remember that the day is about the bride and groom and not about you.

5) Keep It Clean

Like I said before, not is not the time to be rude or to bring up any wild offensive stories about you and the groom. You don’t want to upset the bride and groom – only tell stories that will make them happy.

Funny best man speeches don’t need to be rude or long to have an effect! And if you want more ideas I recommend you take a look at the Best Man Speech Guide – this is where I found inspiration for what to write in my own speech.

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