Best Mans Speech for the Brother of the Groom

Best Mans Speech for the Brother of the Groom

Preparing a best mans speech when you’re the brother of the groom might be a little different than if you were just best friends. This is a day where you can be really proud of your brother, but you must also remember that you’ve got a lot of work to do yourself!

Firstly, you need to have something planned. You don’t want to let your brother down with your best mans speech, so make sure you’ve got something planned and rehearsed before the big day arrives.

The best way to start your speech is with a formal congratulations – and they all of their planning has really paid off in a lovely day. Your brother will love to hear things like this, especially if sibling rivalry often gets in the way of you making compliments!

You can then get a little more personal in your speech, talking about when you were growing up, the kind of girls you thought you would end up with, or something like that. Something that sparks good memories for the groom and the guests is always a good thing to include in your speech. And what better person to recall these memories than the brother of the groom?!

When you’re ending the speech, say something about how you can only hope to find someone as special as your new sister in law when you eventually get married, and welcome her into the family. You can include a few jokes if you want – but make sure they stay clean!

The best mans speech doesn’t need to be any harder to write just because you’re the brother of groom! Just make sure whatever you say is sincere and will put a smile on his face. You can also check out some more wedding speech examples if you’re looking for extra inspiration.

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