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The Best Man Wedding Toast and How to Give Yours

The Best Man Wedding Toast and How to Give Yours

The best man wedding toast is designed to give a sincere message to the bride and groom, in front of all the guests at the wedding. It can often be funny, but it should also have real meaning. Here are a few tips for preparing yours.

Personal Stories

The best man wedding toast often includes personal stories. Perhaps you and the groom used to do a lot of partying together, but now isn’t the time to bring all of that up. Instead, write about a shared experience you had with the couple, or mention a favourite song or quote that you think sums them up.

This Isn’t About You

When you get into your speech, remember that it’s about the couple not you – don’t go on for too long as you’ll only bore the guests!

Tips for Speaking

When you’re actually giving your speech, make sure you’ve planned it in advance. Doing it off the top of your head is never a good idea. It’s best to rehearse it a few times, and write a few notes so you don’t forget what you wanted to say.

The best man wedding toast is something that everyone should enjoy – including you! Try to relax and be happy that you’re there celebrating the day with two of your best friends. And, if you’re really stuck, try looking at the Best Man Speech Guide for some inspiration about what you can write.

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