Best Man Wedding Speeches: How to Improve Your Self Confidence

Best Man Wedding Speeches: How to Improve Your Self Confidence

Best man wedding speeches can be pretty demanding. I know how scared I was when I was best man, but there are ways for you to overcome your lack of confidence. Here are a few tips on what to do and what NOT to do.

Drink Alcohol

No doubt in the past you’ve drunk a bit of alcohol to help you feel less nervous. Unfortunately, when it comes to best man wedding speeches, this is NOT a good idea. You can have a couple, but make sure you aren’t slurring and that you know what you’re doing! This is an important job and you don’t want to let the bride and groom down.

Have the Right Attitude

When you approach your speech, remember that the day is ultimately about the joy of seeing the couple wed. This means that, although people will look forward to your speech, they won’t be looking to criticise you. Go in with the attitude that you are really looking forward to telling the couple how happy you are for them and it’ll help calm your nerves.

Be Prepared

You’ll have a lot more confidence in yourself and the speech if you’re well prepared. To help you practice, write out the full speech in advance and read it aloud in front of a mirror. You might not feel comfortable doing this at first, but you’ll get used to it and it’ll make it much easier to remember your speech on the big day.

Best man wedding speeches are important but they’re also fun! Just try to relax and enjoy yourself, though it may also help to take a look at some best man speech examples to help yourself feel more confident in what you’re saying.

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