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Best Man Speechs: How to Get Over the Stage Fright

Best Man Speechs: How to Get Over the Stage Fright

Best man speechs can be scary! After all, you’ve got to stand up there in front of everyone and say something original. I’ve been there, and I tried to learn a few tips about stage fright before the big day to get me in the right mindset:

How to Deal With A Dry Mouth

Having a dry mouth is a very common symptom when you’re nervous, and best man speechs definitely bring out those nerves! Just relax and try sucking on a lemon – it really does work. Because it’s sour, your mouth will start to produce more saliva.

Shaky Hands

Another common symptom is shaky hands. You probably won’t want people to notice this as you hold onto your notes – plus you don’t want your hands to shake so much you can’t actually read them! Just hold on with two hands, it’ll make you more steady. Or even place them on a podium or clipboard.

Shaky Knees

Shaky knees is a common symptom of nerves. Just try shifting your weight from side to side to reduce the appearance of your knees shaking. Do it subtly though – you don’t want to be rocking from side to side.

Best man speechs are nerve-wracking, but just remember that everyone will be behind you and will want you to do well. Just remember to breathe as you talk, and focus on the happiness of the day and your love for the bride and groom to get you through. And remember – the best way to take the nerves away is to have a great speech prepared. If you’re at a loss, then I recommend you check out some best man speech examples.

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